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This weekend, more than 400 riders rode together in the annual Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride to raise awareness an… https://t.co/t5FxPxRyZC

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Gonna go check out #Venom later tonight. Not sure what to expect with all the random bot reviews and comments here… https://t.co/VkwSF47ow3

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"It all begins and ends with you. If you do not care for yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of th… https://t.co/md7zaf27H9

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Tis again that time of year to test your fear if you dare to enter the #HHN8 lair! 😱😜 Had a frightfully fun time at… https://t.co/53nkwd1QUr

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We came. We saw. We conquered! Fatburger has officially arrived to the shores of Singapore and no better way to enj… https://t.co/ZgdOZtzmFN

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Time to head for a swim here at the adults only Zen Zone in Club Med Phuket. I've always wanted to see what the Clu… https://t.co/wEBbTlUWLW

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Rain rain go away, please come back another day. But if you do decide to stay, then let's put on a Shell rain suit… https://t.co/n9aZYWZBo2

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Truth be told, These golden sunsets never get old... . . .

phuket #Thailand #Paradise

clubmedphuket #sunset_pics… https://t.co/zuec2864va

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What a night of fights! 👊🏼 Had a blast with some spectacular Muay Thai action at the Asia Fighting Championship her… https://t.co/OiMPsMdr7d

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"Things are not always what they may seem..." Find out what I mean and how you can't always trust those close to yo… https://t.co/9ZZ2NsthqE

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November 7, 2007