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Dreaming of HK. Will be there soon!

To all my Hong Kong family and friends.  I'm thinking of you and I'll most likely see you very soon!  90% chance I'll be in the HK SAR from March 31st to April 4th.  Let's get together, hang out, kick it and party together.  So many people to reach out to on this trip, so many things to do.  It's been a long time.

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A nice article. Calling this places "audiophile" is being a bit too generous however. Although I'm sure they soun… https://t.co/HVllzIjjqS

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2018.6.22 Rooftop Bar OO 5th Anniversary Presents. FRANCOIS K. JAPAN TOUR. Went to my first true underground club… https://t.co/OQvI6E5hGq

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2018.5.19 / 5.20. #ThrowbackThursday @louievega at #club @contacttokyo for the #NYCDisco album #releaseparty.

All… https://t.co/hliwSeYbJK

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2018.5.19 / 5.20. #ThrowbackThursday @LouieVeganyc at #club @contacttokyo for the #NYCDisco album #releaseparty.

A… https://t.co/3nGnKULGeQ

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2018.6.16 Soulful Beer Garden at ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka Hotel. Sat down with the hotel GM and organizer Deepu. Al… https://t.co/t5IcEpFE0C

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Today I have the most amazing story ever! After seeing Kyoto Jazz Massive DJ just this past Saturday night, I decid… https://t.co/jxwMQUEw3w

XEX West was a hot top end club, nice sound system, multiple rooms, outdoor patio. The patrons were so fake though… https://t.co/my15CWTym9

Still people, every weekday night. If you're in Osaka come out to this must experience at a 4 star hotel with grea… https://t.co/Lz8SmT539f

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Tokyo, Japan
September 9, 2009

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