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Dreaming of HK. Will be there soon!

To all my Hong Kong family and friends.  I'm thinking of you and I'll most likely see you very soon!  90% chance I'll be in the HK SAR from March 31st to April 4th.  Let's get together, hang out, kick it and party together.  So many people to reach out to on this trip, so many things to do.  It's been a long time.

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OMG this is so heartbreaking! My friend Clive Ricko aka DJ Sparks from Birmingham, England passed away yesterday... https://t.co/JxcRCC98ma

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This was a monster of a radio show. One of the best ever I heard on Worldwide FM. Two days before my birthday it... https://t.co/qCuBOWjHQz

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Just sharing some of my YouTube gold with everyone today. I released this video on my YouTube channel on... https://t.co/Vg4O6vzPkh

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Going live! Tokyo Knights Radio The Christmas Show https://t.co/e4tUxZj8yG

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ATTN All. Going to do a DJ live stream today, right here, playing your favorite Christmas tunes in about two... https://t.co/bzJaq6yakn

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With Masters At Work in Tokyo today, I'm looking back at his old chart of mine and sharing my best of MAW... https://t.co/beys1iGoQ0

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Today: Suginami-Ku, Japan - Nov 12 at Soul Kitchen Vol. 3 https://t.co/pGApR5782S

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Soul Kitchen Vol. 3 Countdown Sampler w/Marc Antomattei

2017.11.12 Soul Kitchen Vol. 3 @ Knock Koenji, Tokyo.... https://t.co/UZDbomBfoL

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It's hump day and the weekend is coming closer and faster than you might think. Make sure you jump onboard the... https://t.co/eqPZC1x9vb

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Tokyo, Japan
September 9, 2009

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