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Just for the moment! I am back in Hollywood USA reconnecting and doing the transpacific route.

Lots of new stuff going on with the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. I been out of the game for 8 years pursuing my own dream began in late 2007 in Shanghai and Hong Kong living and working in film related projects. Up to this point, I have improved in my foreign language skills with Cantonese and Mandarin. Got to learn more about my Chinese culture and history depending on part of the world ones in. And there are diffe...Read more

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My friend Jenny San Angel sent me this birthday greeting. So funny but true in real life too. Love dance.

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It's my birthday today 9/20/2018. Thank you all your birthday wishes on my Facebook page.

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I want thank each and everyone of you for your birthday wishes. It's very touching hearing from friends, relatives, classmates from high school years in San Francisco and college years at UC Santa Barbara. And from all my most recent friends and associates going back the last 10 years living and working in Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China, Japan, Singapore, etc. Love you all! More years to celebrate together.

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@snakeheadmovie Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!!!

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Throwback photos moment in my teenage years. A want to be track athlete as a middle distance runner in high school. Indulge your eyes. Yes it's me!

As I celebrate my birthday today 9/20/18. Most of you dont know. I took this sport pretty seriously in later years into my twenties ( 1970's and 1980s). Retire from competing in late 1980s.

Due to a major auto accident in 1987 in Southern California. I had a second chance to live on. Bless to be around to celebrate it.

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Photo op with Monica Ellis at the Mr. Olympia and Ms Olympia Expo Las Vegas Convention Center 9/14/2018.#iffbbikini #iffbbikinipro #mrolympia2018 @monicaellis #muscleandfitness

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She deserve recognition on her first pro debut.

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Sherry Espera | NPC News Online https://t.co/ZucS5fUT8c

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Selfie photo op moment with Karen Pang @misskarenpang at the Mr.Olympia and Ms. Olympia Expo Las Vegas Convention Center #musclesandfitness #flex

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