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Tell Me On A Sunday. Guangzhou Opera House, here we come! ❤️💖❤️

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Couldn’t believe my eyes when I Jo saw after the show! I knew Faust was coming, but thought Jo would probably not be able to make it because of her crazy schedule! What an amazing surprise! Thanks so much for coming to support sweeties!!! 💖💖💖 #TellMeOnASunday

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Lippy on and go! #TellMeOnASunday

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Joanna’s rendition of Grizabella absolutely Purrfect! 😍 So good to see you here in Shanghai! Who could have ever thought we would be in this city at the same time, both playing in an Andrew Lloyd Webber show! 😄🎭❤️ #Cats #tellmeonasunday

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Day 2 of tech for Tell Me On A Sunday! ✌️❤️

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My next show “Tell Me On A Sunday”! 《周日恋曲》

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Some clips of last year’s press call for Jekyll and Hyde. Sometimes I need to pinch myself if this really happened. 😄 I could never even imagine that one day I would play this part. ❤️

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Li-Tong Hsu - Someone Like You, Jekyll & Hyde (Mandarin)

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Hamilton is totally worth the hype!!!!! My amazing, talented sistas make me so proud! 😍❤️ #Peggy #StandbyPeggyElizaAngelica

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Happy Easter everyone! Love you so much @mariagraciano20 , my fave Easter Bunny! 😊🐣🐰❤️ #Repost @mariagraciano20 with @get_repost ・・・ Cannot WAIT to see my girl next week!! 💖💕 @litonghsu remember this?! 😂 #misssaigon #throwback #easter #party #easterbunnies #soulsistas

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