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Guns and Poses

So apparently the name of the John Woo shoot I'm doing is called Hard Copy.  It's very, very, very exhausting so to offset that, I take many naps on set and eat all the time.  Oh, the woes of the starting actor.  Feed me!

Also, wire work gives me wedgies.  Not as glamorous as one would think.

We're working with real guns for the shoot, so I have to be careful and not pull a "Crow," if you catch my drift.

Here are the ones I really like:

  They're 9mm.  Heavy.  I’m using both at the same time, hands crossed - John Woo style baby!  My delicate left hand was ruined from shooting the gun, my trigger finger full of blisters now.  I feel weak. Can't help it, since I never use my left hand in kung fu :).

Yay for narcissism![](/attachments/2007/06/31454_200706141350351.thumb.jpg)

This might ruin me, but Butters, Tiff and me's mini lop, wanted some publicity.  I had to squash his head for the shot but it's okay, he likes it.

We're only rehearsing this week; the real shoot is 4 days long beginning this Friday.  Wish me luck and hope that I'll be.... alivenotdead.  See...see how I cleverly...wove that in?  D'you...do you see?  Did you see that?

Am I not...clever?

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wow, be careful with those guns. (DY has a delicate, soft hand... didn't need to know!)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
hahaha, very clever! is that bunny real?
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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Be really, really careful. Guns don't kill people, accidents do! Or something to that effect. Sounds like you'd better toughen up that left hand...don't want to be a girly-man!
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Photo 23907
haha i thought u were very clever...wow seeing guns make me feel kind of weak..i always get so scared when my cousin takes it out..creepy seeing it in pictures too >_< I would be shaking if i had to hold those lol
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no, its not me, thats from a cell phone ad in japan a few years back when episode 3 came out.
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Photo 23048
Be carefull with those dangerous stuff! By the way the pic with the bunny is really cute!
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