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Yo I'm making a short film...FOR JOHN WOO!!!...aha ha, no, that was actually just to get some attention.  Did I get it?  Eh?  Eh?  Eh?  Well, if I didn't, then...I REALLY AM making a film for John Woo!

No, really!  No, not really.  Okay, I'm actually just participating in a competition but it's a John Woo competition if that makes you feel any better.  The criteria is to have the best 2.5 minute short to best display a John Woo shootout.  Here's where you can check out the competition:http://myspace.com/strangleholdgame

The prize is 25,000 dollars and a tv debut on Spike TV!  So John Woo will see it and either be impressed or so disgusted he'll vomit out his expensive Chinese meal.  Most likely shooting it out like his mouth is a gun.  It's all about the shoot-out with that man.I'm not actually entering the competition myself per se, I'm just going to be acting in someone else's entry, so I'm spending the week in Hollywood.  It's pretty exciting and I'm learning a lot.  We're working with wires, cgi, shooting guns (no, really?), something about a skateboard aimed at my crotch (?? don't ask), the whole enchilada.Exciting, ay?  Ay...?

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Very exciting!! I hope it goes super well, and you have lots of fun filming it!! :)
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good luck. they're promoting his new game heavily, they co-sponsored the NY asian film festival too.
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Yes, yes very exciting! We are looking forward seeing the results! Have fun & fingers crossed!
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Tight man good luck! While you join john woo film competition I am doing the same for ron jeremy... porno competition hahaha jk Will be in LA end of this month! lets meet up foolio. I miss you...no I miss lees sandwich
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I think you're hilarious. Never stop writing. I want to respond to you with moose noises, but what do they sound like? MooOOooose?
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good luck!
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Good luck! Since I'm rooting for you, I know you'll do great! : )
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