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RT @StaycationMovie: Oh wow. We’re honored we were able to be part of the last one and so thankful to @filmindependent and @LAFilmFestival…

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🚬 @maniacnetflix https://t.co/HU2NYHcybD

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Anna Akana, you bring so much light into the world by finding it within your own struggles and not being afraid to share. We are blessed to have your courage and vulnerability. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. ❤️ When I’ve Wanted to Die- link in @annaakana’s bio. 📷: @willakana #whenivewantedtodie

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Kidding clip added :)

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When we were blocking and rehearsing this, I was so star struck, I completely froze the first time I had to say my line... I just stared at Jim for a couple of beats, which I’m pretty sure worked for this character. 😂 Anyway, after we wrapped, I mustered up the courage to start a real conversation with Jim. From talking about NY to his paintings, I was also able to tell him how his comedic films got me through a dark time when I was really sick a few years ago (shout out to Asian Jim Carrey @anthonyma for lending me all those DVDs). Jim was incredibly receptive and th...Read more

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On the night of May 10th, I had this crazy heart to heart with an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. It stirred up so much inside of me, the next morning while talking to @heyjudylei about it, I referenced Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because I realized I had been trying to erase my past pain rather than embrace it. That same afternoon (and Judy is my witness), I received an audition appointment for @shokidding- and was like, “What the heck? We were JUST talking about Eternal Sunshine...” Anyway, this audition happened the day before I flew to NY. One week later, I w...Read more

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Two men who have done so much through their work for the community and who I am blessed to have as ones who encourage my growth. I love this pic of us ❤️ #Repost @staycationmovie with @get_repost ・・・ We had some good company at our premiere. So good, some girls were having heart attacks. Where’s a Good Doctor when you need one? 😂 Thanks for coming to our premiere, DDK! 🙏🏽 #StaycationMovie #LAFilmFestival #WorldPremiere #AfterParty

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Y’all know you want to see this. https://t.co/8zinupkKdj

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RT @filmindependent: Missed last week's #LAFilmFestival winners announcement? Check out our interview with LA Muse Fiction Award winner @St…

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A hella indie Photoshop job by @originalspin. https://t.co/pYpLOEXZe8

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