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I had many friends come out tonight to support and heard many positive things about the film. But when a complete s… https://t.co/BEKyKfjo0c

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OMG. I’m so sorry I missed you :( https://t.co/m2SuTG8p9v

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But I didn’t know we were dating!!!!!! https://t.co/YTiUtKCcWx

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Thank you @briflys for all your #goldopen support!!!!! #samehighschoolmanydifferentyearsapart https://t.co/cY5VOONYTe

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Ahhhhh. Saving Face was one of the first Asian American films that I thought was LEGIT. This means so much to me co… https://t.co/62C9DTHrU8

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RT @StaycationMovie: Our world premiere goes down TONIGHT! Here’s a little interview @Chopsfilms did with @filmindependent about us! https:…

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Tonight’s the night! https://t.co/hAGe8gquKM

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That time @rawmixrom joined our skeleton crew. ☠️ We were so skeleton, there were days it was just T, Anthony, and me. #staycationmovie #bts #tbt

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That time Karin Anna Cheung sneakily took some BTS shots. T and I were prob talking story here. #staycationmovie #bts #tbt

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That time American God @mkraish blessed us with his presence. 🙌🏼 #Repost @anthonyma with @get_repost ・・・ A pivotal scene here where Grace and I got to play with the amazing @mkraish who totally crushed it btw. Wait till you see how...#StaycationMovie is currently SOLD OUT but there will be a rush line if you guys are desperate to see it! #LAFilmFestival #unbelieveable #goldopen

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May 2, 2007

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