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Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jnhnQqlKdgA To all who visits this page... HI!I'm fairly new to this alive not dead/blog thing so let me introduce myself... My name's Aaron (a.k.a DJ Teddy I.N.C) I'm currently a student studying in the UK but Hong Kong is home for me...I was introduced to the art of turntablism/ DJing about 3 years ago, a very good friend of mine (DJ Mikey) taught me and showed me quite a few things that made my jaw drop which made me buy my first turntables... I was intrigued by the way one could manipulate different music and mold it in to a "style" of its own.. and scratching... well that pretty much sounded like an orgasm in the ear. Its like using the turntables and a mixer as an instrument to create music that has endless possibilities. I have been a member of Blacksheep (www.blacksheepdj.com) since the beginning of the year. Mikey is still a constant inspiration along with DJ Tin Ho and DJ K-kutz. I entered my first competition this year at the Hong Kong DMCs (placed 3rd). It was a really good learning experience for me and I'm definitely coming back next year.. anyway I think that hong kong needs a scene like this... a scene where orgasmic music can be heard whether it being soul or electro house... not just "background music" and no freakin repeats of the same song 3 times over just so the girls get a lil more drunk and happy so the guys can bump and grind... when i go out I wanna hear music that makes everybody wanna dance as a unified body just letting the music flow through u and not giving a shit about who's "gettin dat pussy" tonight.. hahah.. so i guess thats the direction i would like to take in my music... although its gonna take a while, i think we'll get there.. anyway hope everyone comes to the blacksheep party this christmas and heres a lil freestyle scratch I did... I'll upload my DMC routine in a bit... laters!!

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great that you have passion in your interest... I started 8 years ago with juggling and scratching, but you know why through your own words, that you want to "build a scene"? Its underground still, which means what may be "orgasmic" for you is not for the rest of the 98% of the population out there... which is also why I went into clubs, then from strictly hip hop to open format, and from a "turntablist" into a "DJ". Anything has its value whether you like it or not, and anything to be the best in your craft won't be easy or comes natural. Just my 2 cents... I keep scratching for 10 years and there'll probably be a handful of people that gives a shit. I have yet went from a "DJ" to a true "artist" that doesn' t have to read the damn crowd, but play my own production...... but investing 10 years in that direction just seems more logical for me. Especially when "playing with turntables and vinyls" is already a hobby-like career that makes life a bumpy road to survive.
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