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Cantonese or bust?

Thanks to all the suggestions regarding tips for learning some conversational cantonese!

So far, I've been listening to the RTHK "Naked Cantonese" Podcast.  I think it's the best I've heard, though I feel like there's a bit too much english and not enough cantonese being spoken.  But it's entertaining!

I went to the bookstore yesterday and was unable to find a book that I thought would be useful.  So I checked Amazon and this book seems to have gotten good reviews, but I'm Read more

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Picking up some conversational Cantonese?

so, with my upcoming trip to HK, i decided i should try learning a bit of conversational Cantonese.

DIGG led me to this, which is almost completely useless.

so I figured I'd check iTunes for some free podcasts.  i've tried out two of them, but neit...Read more

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Spring break is coming up the  second week in April.

Singapore Airlines is advertising $599 roundtrip to Hong Kong.

Last time i came to HK was to compete at the World Wushu Games in 1999.

I'm seriously tempted to come out there.  Can I crash on your sofa?

(April 6-13 or so)

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Recent live DJ mix

DJ Bam - Live at Mighty Breaks

Back in January, I opened at the Mighty Breaks 3 Year Anniversary party and all DJ sets were recorded.

this is only the first 30 minutes or so of my set, which was originally supposed to be a tag team with DJ Marlarkey, but due to the severe rain that day he was unable to make it from his home in the north bay.

i started out with a few older tracks and stuff i don't normally play, but tha...Read more

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Video: Motion Graphics

Testing out the Vimeo video hosting service:

                    MYX TV Interstitial from Brandon Sugiyama on Vimeo.

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Some new flyer designs

Just uploaded a few new-ish flyer designs into my photo album.

Here's a few higher res shots:

Obviously, this has a heavy Shepard Fairey influence.

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i'm still alive

though i barely post here.

1) does anybody have the photos online from when Design Reactor went to visit Jet Li?  i have no idea if i even have any photos from that trip.  i found an article in the jetli.com site, but there's no photos.  anyone?

2)  some updates from school.  we just finished our first class on After Effects.  that program rules!  here are two class assignments:

http://invibe.com/academics/mograph/bsug...Read more

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just finished up my first Flash animation class at school and this was my final project. 5 weeks to learn Flash and put together a 30 second public service announcement for a non-profit organization (i chose my mother's).


the first time i touched Flash was in 1999. since then, i pretty much haven't touched it at all except to maybe make a button or make some blinky th...Read more

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Trying to figure out what I should blog about here

So I'll start with school projects:

Most recently I finished up a magazine design class.  Our class of 11 students were to come up with an idea for a magazine, come up with the content and design it in less than 5 weeks.  Though I've used InDesign before, this was our first real assignment using CS3 and with style sheets.

Click abov...Read more

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another blog

this is the 6th or 7th blog/social networking site i've joined.

please help me.

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