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Lololol~~~oh these two...

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This girl...she looks so so different with and without teeth... lol

wholedifferentpersonwhenshesmiles #starwars

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My hands are getting numb from using my iphone and apparently I'm not the only person who experience this.

I really don't like the hassle of transfer if I go with another brand... just want to know, if any of you experience this numbness with the later iphone models? (I've currently got 5c)

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"This moment; every moment is good. People want revelation but the main thing is realization not revelation. For revelation is always being offered to you... it's you putting yourself in the state to receive or realize it..."

stateofrecognisingandreceiving #spiritknows

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HAppy New Year dear friends! May your year be filled with great joy and abundance! :) <3

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This is amazing... I hope it gets invented. Hmmm while the machine is in there, how does the blood flow work?

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In chronological order...for those who wants to know. May the force be with you. 😉

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"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Substance create things; it makes unseen things into seen things (evidence). Faith isn't blind; it has visions, it has feelings, it has assurance...the feeling of this is going to happen... "I feel it...I see it... I sense it... I'm not sure how, who, what, where and when.. but it will happen!" A kind of excitement on the event that is to come.

Being in faith is like dancing in a hologram and celebrating at its reality...unknowin...Read more

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"Spirit never deceives. Matter is the only deceiver. Matter makes up all appearances." ~ ECH

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The definition of friendship...

This line has become very blur as the years go by. As the moving culture in images, screens and people happen, the boundaries are no longer set by oneself but by the meanings stamp upon one's soul without permission.

I have been asked and I ask the same question too. Why can't friendship just be what it is... people who connect and share treasures which they have found and now it made up their soul. A dent, supposedly an "accident", (but not) and then later, a treasure is found that fits just right int...Read more

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March 13, 2008

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