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I’ve been wanting to take a picture with Cara under the cherry blossom tree🌸. But every time we got to it, she’s asleep. Haha... babies are just amazingly cute.


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Spring is in full bloom. For those who love flowers like I do.

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It’s amazing to see the progress in proptech to have the evening news covering this topic and certainly glad to see a surge in users successfully transact their property on their own, without incurring any commission on @ohmyhomesg

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Happy #Easter!

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Under the cherry blossom tree. What a dream come true 🌸

sisterslove #reunitedwithmyotherR #cherryblossom

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Someday when I’m no longer working full time at Ohmyhome, I would wanna take up floral arrangement classes & be a pro at this. I think it’s a luxury to spend two hours arranging flowers. This is for my Mother-in-law. She celebrated her 79th birthday at our house today. 💜

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Cara is 10 months old today! How fast! I just wanna grab her and sniff in all the baby scent on her before it’s gone too soon. Took a selfie with her and look what happened next —-> Yesterday, I was at Mediacorp 938fm breakfast show with @rhondawong to share about a new feature- ShoutOut on our app @ohmyhomesg where buyers and tenants can now simply post their requirements and have homeowners suggest their homes to them. 2-way search meaning homeowners can actually find buyers and tenants on our app. 🔛 🔄


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Swipe —-> to see what happened to my other earring... hahaha... the culprit is none other than my baby!


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The more tired you are, the more you need to make time to work out. Seriously, I wanna sleep more too but I feel soooooo much better after every session. Thx @marialourdeschanyoga #yoga #gymwork #15kg

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Lunch at home is always amazing

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September 11, 2007