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Happy #Easter!

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Under the cherry blossom tree. What a dream come true 🌸

sisterslove #reunitedwithmyotherR #cherryblossom

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Someday when I’m no longer working full time at Ohmyhome, I would wanna take up floral arrangement classes & be a pro at this. I think it’s a luxury to spend two hours arranging flowers. This is for my Mother-in-law. She celebrated her 79th birthday at our house today. 💜

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Cara is 10 months old today! How fast! I just wanna grab her and sniff in all the baby scent on her before it’s gone too soon. Took a selfie with her and look what happened next —-> Yesterday, I was at Mediacorp 938fm breakfast show with @rhondawong to share about a new feature- ShoutOut on our app @ohmyhomesg where buyers and tenants can now simply post their requirements and have homeowners suggest their homes to them. 2-way search meaning homeowners can actually find buyers and tenants on our app. 🔛 🔄


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Swipe —-> to see what happened to my other earring... hahaha... the culprit is none other than my baby!


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The more tired you are, the more you need to make time to work out. Seriously, I wanna sleep more too but I feel soooooo much better after every session. Thx @marialourdeschanyoga #yoga #gymwork #15kg

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Lunch at home is always amazing

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Nothing beats a hot bath to melt away the tiredness of my body. How do you unwind?

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To all the women out there who have braved the storms and still emerge as winners!


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All through my twenties in HK, I kept thinking that the best time of my life was the time spent studying in Perth... when I was 17 and got nothing to fear or worry in my life. And it is really now, years later, when I’m married, with my husband, my baby, family and my current career that I truly feel that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Maybe it’s an arrangement from God that I got to revisit Perth only when I’m really happy again. 🙏🏼❤️

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