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Thank you @prestigesg and @lionnel_lim for putting this together.

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@rosannewong ‘s son Daniel is such a sweetheart. He loves Cara to bits and can’t stop hugging and kissing her. He said to my sister “Mummy, Cara’s cheeks are so puffy and cute, I like to kiss her” ☺️ Cara’s so blessed to have cousins to grow up with.

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Happy Chinese New Year!! This the busiest time for our family. Lots of visiting and hosting gatherings for family and friends. Hope you’re enjoying your Chinese new year as much as I am. Here’s wishing you and healthy and prosperous year ahead!

cny2018 #2r #racewong

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Time to start memorising these Chinese phrases to get you more red packets!! How many of these do you know?


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Happy Valentines Day to my Husband. The one who has created all the most beautiful moments for me. I’ve never been happier than I am with you and it’s really alright if you don’t get me a present cuz I’ve got enough happiness and I know how busy we both are... Appreciate the extra effort and thank you for making me the lucky one ❤️


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Thank you @prestigesg for having me. People who appear on Prestige covers are generally people who have more material possessions than most people. But having more jewelries or handbags has never been a focus in my life. I’ve never made it something to flaunt about because there is more to life than having more diamonds and cars. What matters more, is what a person does in her everyday life and if the person is kind and cares about others. When one is placed on the cover, it is a time to reflect on the contributions one does to the world around her. I’ll continue t...Read more

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To living, loving, laughing and giving! Receiving an artwork as a gift is so different from all other gifts. It’s not just the hours spent drawing, there’s the time and effort spent on conceptualisation, preparation, framing, packaging, shipping... Thank you @cj_hendry for this. I’m so lucky to have a piece of your color pencil drawn spray paint experiment. ❤️

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My little pianist ☺️#7monthsold

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Looking forward to yours @chrystan_x !


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@rhondawong & I all smiles at Lionel & Findy’s big day. So happy he has finally found the Queen to his heart ❤️

happilyeverafter #beleongtogether

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