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Academy of Hard Knox

Yes I know it’s gay and Tiffanie threatened to dump me but it seemed alright at the moment so here it is in it’s gayest form haha.our excuse - we went to a premier for xin, his film is called Break. He had a sizeable role as you can see in the trailer below. If you remember awhile back we shot a fight in Chinatown in the fu chow restaurant (same restaurant rush hour was shot).----------------------...Read more

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Asians can be sexy too....i think.

YAY BOOTARS!!! this picture is from butters' birthday party. doesn't he look happy?

 This above drawing is by Jenn. She's not done yet but WOW SHE IS GREAT!!! Read more

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But first – Oh my lord!

I almost had a heartattack reading a this comment. elle wrote:

“So, I guess size does matter then :-)

My hole is small and 46" is already give a girl a tan so I guess that's good for now...but I know not to go near you when you're holding a gun....shooting your own people...not nice...hehehe.”

unfortunately... it was just about a T.V. haha

...<a href=Read more

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i'm turrd

I’m so tired…. I’m aiding my friend to teach a five day martial arts camp this week. I'M SUCH A GOOOOOD PERSON DAMNIT!!!  WHY CAN'T THE WORLD SEE ALL THIS COMMUNITY SERVICE. ...The level is low but they make me feel like a God haha. So thas kew. They are good kids and some come from across the nation to meet some of us who are their youtube heroes.


Dark justice just moved in with me so ...Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Jun 22


*lakers lost so fuck it. Boston is better team anyways. But tracking back 5 yrs ago, laker beat the Sacramento kings even tho they were a better team haha. sthuckers!!!

 Kobe lookin dumb here.

* “when we set low expectations for ourselves, we set low expectations for our children.”

Barrack Obama, Father’s Day Speech @ some church

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Blog: Thursday, Jun 19

So fo the last few days I’ve been working on motion capture for a game called Black Lotus for the big game company activision (guitar hero and other big tittles).i hope you didn't get motion sickness. get it get it??? ::big cheesy smile:: 


Here I am interviewed along with my team EMC monkeys to begin our own weekly show on an internet channel (I-Student 17 KFLiveTV). I kinda have no idea where to watch i...Read more

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wing chun krav maga fusion

it's amazing how respected Wing Chun is in the world of bare-knuckle fighting. Bruce Lee's foundation came from Wing Chun. the founder of Wing Chun was a LADY named Wing Chun. She realized that men are stronger so she developed this technique to use the opponents power against them. yes, i believe in the "power in the technique" concept.  Bruce and Yip Man (his master). Donnie Yen is ...Read more

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Dragon Tiger Gate Spoof


so finally we put this up, EMC's rendition of Dragon Tiger Gate. more like dragqueen haha shut up. this is just a test shot

we'll shoot a longer, thicker, uncut one that will air on some internet channel.

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TAT vid

Aight so finally I got my load on! (no sexual inuendos intended) TA DA! TAT vid.


For audio, I placed chanting that he used to bless me and some Khmer tradition instrumental in the background. Hope you enjoy!as you can see, i don't cry EVAR!!! ...save for tragic life taking events ....and the ending of the original LION KING.

i just watched this movie called MACHINE GIRL. kinda amusing...Minase Yashiro is super cute![](/attachments/2008/06/31454_200806071746031.thumb.jp...<a href=Read more

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Life is short, Drive topless!

Aight so I wanna load the TATTOO video but youtube is being a BIATCH about it.

So I’ma just go random on you ganstas.

What’s your favorite driving position? Mines is right hand like this and left hand is stroking my beard while deep in confusion.


This is my favorite quick-fix meal. Eggs with lots and lots of garlic with a hint of soy sauce and sriricha hot sauce and...Read more

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&quot;One day I will die SO today I will eat.&quot; –D.Y.


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