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Blog: Monday, Oct 1

Tiff came to visit for a week that’s why I’ve been away. 

2 days ago “Everlast” investors came by to see where their money was going by stopping by at my gym. They watch my stunt team practice and they were really impressed. We told them we were going easy … but really NAW we WEREN’T!

I was friggin SORE the next day cuz we did some iron body training (stand there and take a punishment). So what happened was we started hitting each other lightly but since millionaires (1 BILLIONa...Read more

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Everlast Synopsis

Sorry, I edited out the clip called Retribution because I realized that it was just a practice piece, kinda like a first draft of a scrīpt. Revisions needed before I share it.

The final draft will be in Everlast the movie.J

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Just so you know a little about Everlast:

It begins as you see a “ridigg-ulously” good looking (or average) college guy (me hehe) chilling at a party.

A super duper (depending on who we cast) cute girl comes on...Read more

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Many requests to see some clips from War Machine (yes I hate the title also).

So I uploaded a clip from behind the scene.

This was shot with my camera by the SECURITY GUY so not that great. And nope! Not a clip of me rolling down the mountain. I only rolled like twice. I think you guys are imagining me rolling all the way down. Thank you for that haha...Read more

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To da Sun and Back

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A dime plus 99

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I’m flying out this Saturday for the Caribbeans to shoot scenes for War Machine (GI Hoe thanks JRSJ). Hope the flooding doesn’t get me. I don’t swim that “good.” I refuse to be swallowed!


Everlast – everything is looking good. Budget isn’t settled yet but probably slightly more than 5 million. Pretty crazy ay? Now this is even crazier: The thing I’m really excited about is the producer put a request in to try to get this girl to pl...Read more

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Soul Food

IT IS A MANS OWN MIND, NOT HIS ENEMY OR FOE, THAT LURES HIM TO EVIL WAYS.                                                                                    -BUDDHA

Food for your soul.

Thank you Tiff.

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Call it a Good Yer

Oh man. Is it me, or is it friggin hot?

Just got back from nor cal shooting some scenes for War Machine and getting phat at Tiffanie’s house. Here’s a screen shot of me as Storm Shadow. I actually just took a pic from the monitor. Ghetto style baby!

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...Read more
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New Role

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 I just got casted for a role in a movie called War Machine (related to G.I. Joe. no not G.I.Jane). and Yes, There is an Asian in G.I. Joe. Still low budget but still very cool. And here he is:

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Past Weekend

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This past weekend I was asked to judge at Tiger Claw Elite martial arts competition in prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Long Beach.


With me here is Master Shi Yan Xu and a Taoist monk from Wudang mountain (I forgot his name, b...Read more

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Gong Fu Zhi Xing bi sai

My friend Philip just sent me pictures from “Gong Fu Zhi Xing” the live kung fu competition in ShenZhen prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /China last year. This is the first time I’ve seen these pics also.

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This is when i won the award ...Read more

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