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For 2008

Wish list for next yr.

*motorcycle and motorcycle accessories  *buy my mom bottom row of teeth  yup this is true. *pay for my parents trip to Cambodia *Eat healthier foods *Tiff to move back down to Socal so I can Spoil HER!


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New Niece!


My niece came 10 days earlier than expected but their both doing fine .

she looks just like Dyna’s other daughter Nausicaa. Nausicaa pics for now.


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Cousin's Wedding

My Cuzin got married this past weekend. NO! i'm not the bride!

...but this is the end of the night when i finally pulled him out for a photo. so... i am kinda drunk.earlier that night.THese are the people responsible for the drunkness. damn alcoholix!

My bea...Read more

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i'm a picture lover


Phil, Iron Monkey also known as Yu RongGuang, and ME and my box smile. Yay box smile!

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Wow crazy schedule last week!

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So yeah last Wednesday I was at a banquet for the Chinese-American film fest. I saw Yu GuangRong (guy played Iron Monkey). I have a pic with him but i need to get it from my friend, but here are other pics.

getting my paparazzi on!

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2007 Chinese-American Film Fest

I’m going to be in the OPENING martial arts show at the 2007 Chinese-American Film Fest in prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /L.A. on WednesdayJwith EMC. Actually for my bro Xin. Remember the Cha Siu Bao Gang? prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


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As of Late

Choreographing ninja walk for a ninja girl. Yes... i do happen to know how ninja girls walk. but do you?


This is what i've been doing everyda...Read more

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Last Thursday morning, two friends and I went to audition for Kamen Riders Dragon Knight and they called on Friday to say they want all of us as stuntmen. I think kamen means “mask.” prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

They are going to help us get our SAG cards for this. Our first day is on Oct. 28 th.

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Foo Chow Shoot

So this was actually a gig set up by my homie Xin. He has a role in a movie called Break and he brought us in to get beat up by him and I still got bruises from getting kicked in the sternum and flying into a chair like 20 x’s. It was actually a hole lot of fun.

This is my street family.

We’re chowing down on cha seav ...Read more

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Happy Birthday to ME!

Pic from my bday party @ Hokkaido all you can eat! So yummy!

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Thank you for coming even though it was a wednesday night!

U R beautiful people! Peter, you left right before this.

guess which girl is my sister??? :) don't say if you already know heh.Read more

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"One day I will die SO today I will eat." –D.Y.


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