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Happy Birthday JRS1

as you can see i have abided

no dangerous driving

sun is setting for a sentimental feel

and now..... what should i make you vblog about???

 ::twirls evil fingers::

ooh! i know, i want you wear gold chains like mr. T and stand on your head. hm... reasonable enough.

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wanna waste 36 secs of your life?

Do not underestimate the coercive powers of the AnD gang opinion leaders...

beware the ides of  April!!!

That's right Gilgamesh. It has been broughten bitch.

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First V-BLOG

Seuw Sdei Chnam Tmei !

I knew you guys would have trouble saying it so i did a vid.

Happy Cambodian New Years!!!Aint I a great driver?

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Wrap Party

laz night's (show that will not be named) wrap party was karazy.

open bar bisnatches!!! so i took advantage of the patron. ying wei patron hen gui. oh, shit i'm bustin some pinyin up in this mutha. tell me if anyone understands that?

Vodka and OJ was my 5th drink you see there. after 3 drinks i begin li...Read more

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Random Ninjas

Double D's Strike again!!! (not to be confused with the porno). Promoting Random Ninja's at Club Roxy. They will be the cover band for Rooks.

We fit right in!!!

Read more

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Show ends


So busy

No sleep

Season 1 of (the show that cannot be named so I’ll just say KR) ended today. It will air later this year. I’m confident this show will be a hit. Maybe I come back as a stuntman season 2 or maybe I can move on from being a stunt man. Who knows, I’m just glad God has got a plan for me. Here are some pics i wasn't suppose to put up.Read more

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Dragon Tiger Gate Parody


  1. this the last week of Kamen rider dragon knight. No! need marneys!

  2. Slums 13 has bumped my role to a bigger one. instead of right hand man of the right hand man of the asian crime family boss, i'm the right hand man of the asian crime family boss. woohoo! it's just too bad i have to be a good guy. i prefer senseless violence but oh well. Read more

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film fest interview

Dude...I'm an idiot!

Well actually, that's like exactly how i am in real life too. pretty much a loose cannon.

Lucky D was there to make things make sense. I can always count on him for that .

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DAY 2: Frisco International Asian-Am Film Fest 2008

On Day 2, I was TIRED of looking for parking at Union Square so we took the BART. That was smart![](/attachments/2008/03/31454_200803171917461.thumb.jpg) Met up with WeNdY( http://www.alivenotdead.com/wendycheng)and PaTricK ( http://www.alivenotdead.com/rottendoubt ) at un...Read more

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Frisco International Asian-Am Film Fest 2008

Aw shiet… lots happened

And I wouldn’t have ‘membered it all if it wasn’t for my handy-dandy NEW digital camera.

  My friend sold to me for 100 bones. U likey?

 First of all I would like to thank my partner in crime, D for sponsoring my trip.Read more

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"One day I will die SO today I will eat." –D.Y.


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June 5, 2007