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DYu Hayabusa

Here’s a short clip. I vid captured it from a digital camera from the monitor so it ain’t all that clear. But just thought I’d share.


I’m going to the asian film festival in san Francisco on thursay and Friday. Know anyone going from here?


Patrick invited me to go to the AnD party on Friday night after the screening of Blood Brothers but my flight leave...Read more

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DYu Hayabusa in New York


What a great experience I had in the big apple. This is the Vampire State building covered in fog.

To be honest, I wasn’t excited at all to go to new york because on that same day the Chinese producer expressed to me and D, that he DIDN't see everlast as a project he would pick up…and so I was depressed. my "depressionary a...Read more

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need some script specialists

Ok so here’s the latest:

[if !supportLists]1.    [endif]D and I are starting up 2 new but smaller projects that we are sure to get small-budget-funding (half mill or so) for within the next 2 months. One is called “Rooks” and the other is called “Lucky Chan.” The reason we have to do these smaller budget projects is to get me out as an asian lead. The following point will explain. So…WE NEED SOME SCREENWRITERS that’s good with  dialogue and the genre of drama. If you know any ...Read more

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return of the DY picture show

Oh man, I been gone for some time.


[if !supportLists]1.    [endif]busy, I have been in the days of late. Did Kamen Rider all last week and I’m tired of it. No room for creativity and expression.Just put on the mask and follow the choreography.:(but can’t complain cuz it fuels me to express myself. Being on set makes me fat cuz unlimited craft service is free. This is not good for ...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Feb 7

Happy New Jear Ju Doity Rat prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Ok. I just saw this POWERFUL movie called Woodsman,with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. The “woodsman” is the man who sliced open the wolf after the wolf ate little red riding hood. Do “woodsman” exist? Or is it just a fairy tale?

This movie made me cry. Well that doesn’t say too much cuz I’m not that tough of a guy hehe.

What’s great is it questions why we live the way we live.

SPOILER WARNING! oh ...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Jan 31

*I hear the strike could be over soon. Jeah baby!!! That means we can start the ignition for Everlast again woohoo! Universal is worried because I don’t have that much popularity. They want to hire some popular actors to support me. But unless it’s Jackie Chan or Jet Li, Americans won’t know them, u know what I mean? As for now, Donnie Yen is the person we are looking for to play the lead antagonist. As great as he is, not many in America knows him. The producer just asked me recently if I knew where there are lots of Asian-American ...Read more

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2 words

Heath Ledger

Everyone dies but not everyone truly lives.

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trust vs. mistrust

wow i enjoyed reading into people's responses to my ridiculously long survey. thank you.

some of you may know that i'm a psychology major and i am very interested in group dynamics...and so this is just some recent food for thought that u may find interesting. i mos def do, even tho i'm no nerd

TRUST (relevant to group dynamics)

-people develop trust in one another if they can express any feelings w/out fear of being censored...

-when they are willing...Read more

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2007. about this year.

I know this is sooooo middle school but so


  1. Have you had any relationships this year?

same one I’ve been having for the last 4 yrs. What a bummer. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

 LOL j/k Spiffy Tiffy, I Love Ju!!!

  1. Kissed two people in the same night?


oh wait that was a dream

j/k my love hahaha

  1. Pulled an all nigh...Read more
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Merry Christmas Playas

*i said i wouldn't do this again but i lied haha , I call it delightful agony. * *Kamen rider still alive but could be healthier seeing that they brought the original stuntmen over from Japan to take up 80% of the jobs. It’s all good, I saved a good amount to pay SAG union dues. *Everlast is stalling cuz of the writers strike.  pra...Read more

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"One day I will die SO today I will eat." –D.Y.

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